Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What's The Difference Between Alabama Rednecks And Genuine Nazis?

You are not going to catch a genuine Nazi  out in public wearing  pajama bottoms!

But seriously.  Hey!  Ain't these southern racists  the children of the southern racists  who burned books?  Didn't the Nazis burn books  too?

Alabama Racists  pull  critical art featuring socio political commentary  from  museum.

Read it here.

Here is a blub:
A professor is taking heat for comparing Alabama's immigration crackdown to Nazi Germany in a series of artistic images including swastikas and depictions of the Virgin Mary.
Edward Noriega, a professor of Art and Design at Troy University in Alabama, had his artwork pulled from an exhibit earlier this month from Talladega's Heritage Hall Museum because the directors objected to the content.

Thing about the modern  American Racist Redneck is this.  For the most part, they deny the label of being racist.  But the can't seem to let go of their racist beliefs.  So often over the past election season, I saw candidates  and surrogates  letting their racist flag fly. And for the most part they got away with that shit.  And this is why  I can't wait for the day the Mexicans finally take over.  Not that that is going to improve my life in a meaningful way.  I just want to see the day when whiteness  ceases  to have any greater status in American society than looking like anything else. 

 ¡Sí, se puede!

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