Monday, January 28, 2013

She Has Better Things To Do Than Make a Million $$ a Year, Doing Nothing, Dontcha Know . . . .

The Snow billy gets Fired By New York Media.

Oy vey! An always pathologically delusional Mrs. Palin, delusionally describes getting fired from Fox News, and describes her future plans in terms of the delsuion that (evil rotten mean) conservatism can "broaden it's audience." (Ya mean there are evil mean rotten people out there not already in the flock?)

And to just make it that much more delusional, the delusional idea she wants  other (evil rotten mean) conservatives to preach is . . . . wait for it . . . "American exceptionalism."

Didn't she hear or read that other GOPer last week talking about purging the party of the crazies? But of course, part of being ignorant, is not knowing how ignorant one actually is. Actually.

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