Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Now That I think About The Debacle . . . I Say Make Mgmt Pay!!!

Stockholder's Derivative Suit.

A legal action in which a shareholder of a corporation sues in the name of the corporation to enforce or defend a legal right because the corporation itself refuses to sue.
A stockholder's derivative suit is a type of litigation brought by one or more shareholders to remedy or prevent a wrong to the corporation. In a derivative suit, the plaintiff shareholders do not sue on a Cause of Action belonging to themselves as individuals. Instead, they sue in a representative capacity on a cause of action that belongs to the corporation but that for some reason the corporation is unwilling to pursue. The real party in interest is the corporation, and the shareholders are suing on its behalf. Most often, the actions of the corporation's executives are at issue. For example, a shareholder could bring a derivative suit against an executive who allegedly used the corporation's assets for personal gain.

Sue The Pricks

Now what am I talking about here?

Reports are coming out saying shit like Roger Ailes was paying Mrs. Palin  nearly  $16.00  per word.  Word is coming out that FOX  did not out and out  sit on the option to renew the contract.  Instead, they gave her the chance to go away herself, refusing  the contract, on account they were only willing, now, to pay her a fraction of what she got under the previous terms.

In other words, the earlier contract was really  way off the mark of her value, and the decision to hire her in the first place was gross mismanagement.  And the shareholders  should try to hold someone accountable for that.

I hope someone does. Break them bastards.  Push Jolly Roger into retirement.  And take all his fucking money away,  too.  Yea that.  I love the idea of an impoverished  Roger Ailes  trying to get by on Social Security. 

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