Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thoughts on the Massacre.

I let a whole day go by with out talking, here at least, about the massacre. Before I get to my point, I have to say the following. The wing nut spin machine is just getting warmed up kids. Expect a N'easter of vile bullshit to come on down from those psychopathic monsters. Seems to me a lot of people are "publishing" a lot of stuff that is so vile I just want to tell them to Shut The Fuck Up, and to go sit at the Children's Table. There is no allowance for that shit, in the world of sane, rational adults.

Anyway, speaking of psychopathology, I have been reading, even if not talking about the mass murderer-shooter. And some back and forth is being “published” about whether or not he was autistic, and whether or not that had anything to do with his rampage.

My thoughts.

Beware black and white thinking, false choices. Even if the vast majority of those people on the autism spectrum are not necessarily sociopaths. Some are. He could have been one of those who deserved a differential diagnosis (or some longer laundry list of disorders.)

Here is what seems to be clear, at this point. He was severely damaged/disordered, and functioning very poorly in this world. He clearly did not have deep and meaningful emotional bonds with other humans. And he had way too easy access to an arsenal of weapons, including one that was specifically designed to efficiently maim if not kill a lot of human beings in a very short period of time.

And he had a lot of rage.

Beyond that? I will risk speculating the following. Even if there likely was some twisted mommy issue eating away in his head like a metastasizing cancer, I think there is a further reason he attacked those kids.

I think he really truly hated them. They were, after all, what he never had been, and never would be: normal kids full of life, and laughter, and love, and presumably with decent if not bright futures ahead of them.

My guess.

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