Saturday, November 10, 2012

It Would Please Me to No End

to just randomly cuss out republicans.  I love  ripping on those scumbags.

But instead, I give you this.  It might not be the most brilliant  quote.  And it is a fictional quote, meaning  only attributed to a fictional character.  And my posting of this does not mean I believe in the universal applicability of that mode of thinking.

There is just something appealing  about it to me, and I am sure that in some circumstances it is the right way to be thinking.

Edit to add:
For some reason,  the edge of the pic is lost and the quote is mushed.  So let me type it out.
"The problem is not the problem.  The problem is your attidtude about the problem.  Do you understand?"
And that quote so much makes me think of republicans, because their attitude is the problem.  It actually starts at a hgher level, as sometimes  the very things they believe are problems are the problem, never mind their attitude about it.
But yes.  Republicans definitely have a serious attitude problem.  And I don't just and merely  mean the tea baggers.  At this point in time if you were break the party into two wings, you would have the completely crazy wing, and the only half crazy wing.  It is that damn hard to find a sane republicans.  After all, the purge of 2010 that sent all the moderates  running for their lives, pretty much took care of that.



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