Monday, November 26, 2012

I Desperately Want to Call Ann Althouse Out as a Racist, But . . .

I still think her problem is more her ignorance, and incapability to look at anything from the other side (except when she's deliberately playing devil's advocate.  And even then, she's just being tricksy.)

Anyway, let's peel back the onion layers of despicableness going on there with her.  First the set up and the link.  She's quoting  and promoting a way worse, way more despicable person,  known  as an out of the closet racist.  that little shit I like to call Professor  Racist Dickface?  Jacobson.  He, like some knee-jerk, redneck, neo-confederate immediately jumped to the defense of those congressional shits who have been excessively  dumping on Amb. Rice.  But Althouse  went and took his racist screed, and promoted it on her blog:

Go Here For That Ugly Shit.

Merely posting/linking anything from that racist scumbag having to deal with race, and holding it out as anything  less than vicious racist  bile, is of course despicable.  But she goes further. She, in what is perhaps her most intellectually  dishonest ipse dixit fashion, declares that the push back against the dishonest, conniving, and opportunist senators and others  heaping shit on Amb. Rice is "Bullying." 

Let's deal with that.  You call me incompetent.  I accuse you of attacking me, based on some twisted, depraved agenda and not on the facts.  Who's the bully?  That's my refutation of her NOT EVEN an argument.  It's  so dim witted  it's  not only funny.  It's fucking idiocy.

But ya.  The real problem here is she is willing to accept the conserva-racists'  straw man argument.  that in some way  the charge of racism is callous, or disingenuous, and as part of some "scheme"  (her idiotic word choice) to keep some folk immune from criticism.

Hey elderly lady!  No one is saying  Rice is beyond criticism.  No one is saying P. Obama  is beyond criticism.  If that is you argument you not only lose the debate, but any presumption of being a minimally honest, cogent, rational human  being. 

As far as the racism  charge goes, here is what I say.  And goodness knows  I think Rep.  Clyburn knows  more about being on the bad end of racist shit than I do.  But let me try to explain this in my own words.  I am personally not jumping up and down with the J'accuse  here, because this, what Dickface Grahm and crazy Grandpa McCain are playing at, is an obvious  (to black and intelligent folk) dog whistle, Racism 2.0 game.  It's not the language that is really  the issue.  And I am going to go BOLD.  Make sure people see and know what my argument is.


Remember kiddies.  The baseline (if you are not a dickface) is that you should not be running around publicly  accusing anyone of being incompetent, unless you are really going to defend that shit, and I mean  do or die, to the end. 

And yes, partisan GOPers  will go harsh on white liberals.  But they are not as likely to call a white man  incompetent.  That's the fact.  There is a great amount of partisan hackery going on here.  I will admit, that is mostly what is going on here.  It is partisan hackery, and the early indication that the fucking dickfaced GOPers  are going to continue to play their obstructionist games, as much as they think they can get away with, for the next four years.  Any excuse, great or small, to try to fuck with P. Obama  is what they are going to be doing.  That's the base line.  But if they cross the line over to Racism 2.0 shit.  If they play these vile race baiting games, I really have no qualms about calling them out on it.

Back to Althouse, before I end this.  I still do not want to call her a racist.  I will still keep her in the too stupid to get it, category.  But as far a Jacobson goes?  First  let me post what that racist dickface says on his blog: 

"Every time I think the Democratic race card players could not get more vile, more deranged, more patronizingly demeaning to blacks . . . "

My fucking god!  What Nazi like  racist arrogance he has.  Fuck your mother, Jacobson, if you think you are at fucking all in any sort of position where you have anything like a right to tell me as a black man what is patronizing to me.  Fuck you twice!  I am going to have to deeply channel the West African  Mende Ancestors  and devise a curse on your punk ass fitting to your crimes against humanity.

I'll keep it brief. 

May you get lost in the desert, and run out of water.  And two days later come across a pool of salt water. 

(As always, content should be understood to be Just My Opinion.)

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