Monday, November 26, 2012

Follow Up Regarding Althouse Pimping Someone Else's Racist Bile.

At least one of her commenters  called her out, speculatively, of pimping that racist shit, to generate traffic and comments to her blog.  I am not going to say, oh  ya.  That's what's really going on here.  Mostly  or even just partly.

However, it makes me go hmmmmm . . . .

Is there a term yet, for someone not really a racist, but who would pimp racist content, partly if not greatly to generate traffic to their blog?

I don't think so.  Let's play at it.




Zombie racist?



Gee.  Every thing I think of sucks.  That is because you can't shorten racist  and still get the feel.  And if you use the full term, racist, the nuance gets lost.

So I will settle for saying the following.  If Ann Althouse is being some opportunistic re publisher of racist shit, mainly to generate traffic to her site, and excitement in her comments section, she might not actually be a racist.  But she is engaging in a game so despicable, so vile, so unconscionable some might think she's far worse than an out and out racist.  Figuring out some way  to personally profit by promoting someone else's racism, is about as low as a human can get.  My opinion.

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