Saturday, November 17, 2012

About Benghazi and Patreaus Gate.

Keep at it, dick headed conservatives.  Just when your party should be thinking, ya know, when we shove knotty tree branches up our own asses, it makes our asses hurt, you go and grab another branch and shove it up your ass?  Have at it!  And by that I mean the whole Benghazi fake scandal circus is not helping them.  It will just solidify the view that they are corrupt, stupid assholes.

Likewise, I compare the perverse amount of republican attention paid to Gen. Patreaus'  dick, to the way the GOP was obsessed with President Clinton's.  Seems to me  that GOP men are way the fuck too interested in other men's dicks.

Just saying.

Self inflicted butt hurt, and dick inspection.  That is the GOP of 2012, going on 2013.  What shit headed assholes.



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