Saturday, October 13, 2012

Torn Apart By Wild Dogs.

I love TV quotes. All ya'll know I post them when I hear them. But still my favorite over the past year was Lord Grantham of "Downton Abbey," saying to his ex driver, soon to be son in law, regarding his daughter: “If you mistreat her, I will personally have you torn apart by wild dogs.” Or some such. Love that line. But lately it's become associated with GOP politicians and pundits, to my mind. It must be that time in the political season.

Speaking of which, I think I can throw in some of the least independent thinking of the so called main stream media. Seems like they are, still too many of them, being led by the noses, as asses are, by the GOP spin machine. I am talking the Libya conspiracy shit. They did not take the bait for lots of stupid shit, I should say. Like birtherism. But publishing as if it were serious stuff, the faux rage over the Administration's first statement, corrected when data was updated, was juvenile. And running with Biden's totally easily correctly understandable "WE?" Well that is totally unprofessional. Use proper disclaimers and weasel words, people.

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