Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney and people like him are just plain despicable.

Remember this guy? The last big plan he had was a march for Poor People. They shot and killed him before he could.

Know about that other guy named Romney? No I am not going to say he wants to shoot poor people. But he ain't gonna march for you, care for you, treat you with the kind of respect a POTUS should. He says . ."That's Not His Job."

Now I am definitely NOT NOT trying to change any one's plan here, to vote for the guy who doesn't have any empathy for the poor. If that is who you are, that is who you are. But know this. You can't be both a supporter of MLK and Romney. Make your choice people, and stick with it.

Romney and people like him are just plain despicable.  Some wing nut is likely to see this.  And just not get it.  And that is why people like that need to at least shut the fuck up and not vote anymore, or leave the country.  Fucking sickening.

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