Monday, September 03, 2012

Oh For Fuck's Sake, Althouse. Now She's Playing The Race Card Card, Herself.

As opposed to just merely  giving a pass to racist beliefs, thoughts, and deeds of the wing nuts.

Oddly enough, she does both at the same time here.  Not only does she, here, try to  . . . what is the word I am thinking of  . . .  mitigate the mostly utterly despicable record of the modern, current GOP on race by of all things . .  I repeat . . . by of all things, the tokenism on display in Tampa last week.  But she, with out the merest of a scintilla of probability for such, casts doubt on the peanut throwing incident, involving the black CNN camera person.

Go here   for that repulsive shit.

Never mind the tokenism for now.  It's the fact that Althouse is pulling a passive aggressive  Breitbart rape on the camerawoman, that is repulsive.  She has even less excuse for impugning that person's character  (since her statement about the incident is widely reported, and backed up by RNC officials) than Breitbart did, for attacking Shirley Sherrod.  Maybe Althouse  is operating under the same theory that Breitbart did.  I distinctly remember him admitting that the exact details around the Sherrod incident were not the point, as much as his desire to achieve a hack goal  --  in his case damaging  dems  however possible.  I think Althouse's twisted goal is to boost the image of the GOP regarding race, and as well engage in some push-back against those of us who are always  calling out those racist wing nuts when ever they give cause for that.   And in doing so she attacks the character of an innocent victim.  Of GOP whites  on black racism.  Disturbingly ironically.

Way to go, sport.

I honstly still do not think she herself is a racist.  Ignorant, as in mind blowingly (for someone where she is from, and what socioeconomic class and profession she is in, in America) ignorant about race.  Totally lacking the merest of a clue. 

Sht.  At least that  evil grinning idiot Newton knows he's doing the work of evil.  Like this Sunday, on MTP, where he got a pass on calling the VP of the US a racist.  Yes.  I have been thinking about posting about that since I heard that shit, yesterday morning.  And that reminds me of something I read  (or a vid I saw) a couple weeks ago.  The idea was that MSM really is not properly equipped  (or of appropriate adversarial mind) to engage the GOP on their pathological, practiced lies, and as well their race baiting.  Save a few, like Chris Matthews, Melissa Harris Perry, Toure, Rachel Maddow.  Laurence O'Donnell.  Most won't drill down.  Some might go in for the first question  and a follow up.  But way too few go to war on that shit.

PS. if the GOP were as diligent about policing the racist trash out of their ranks, as most of them seemed to be regarding Rep. Akin and his ignorant thoughts and beliefs about human anti rape countermeasures being build into female bodies, the GOP might not be stuck with the label of America's Racist and Racist Loving Party. But they don't. So they are stuck with the label and reputation they so richly deserve. Seems to me.

But Ann Althouse.  It is a free country.  And you are free to spend as much time and space on your blog  dedicated to the cause of defending people who routine do and say outrageous, sickening racist shit, from those of us who call out those fuckers  whenever there is cause.  That's the way it works.  Choose your side wisely, and if you can live with yourself, then that is that. Personally, I am very happy being in the Legion of the Anti-Racists.  Maybe you are as happy with your choice;  being on the side of the Anti-Anti-Racists.

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