Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Almost Miss It . . .

That last message board I used to post on.  Even if  (or maybe because)  most of the other posters  despised me as much as I did them.  There is a certain freedom you can have with peeps who are not your friends by any stretch of the imagination.  You can rub their faces in certain shit.  You (I hope you) wouldn't rub your friends faces in certain social life successes. That would not be right.  But bragging about spending the night dancing with the prettiest lady in the room, is perfectly fine to do in front of people you don't like.  Because when they say you are lying about that, their petty meanness just makes the thing that much more pleasing.

So I almost sorta miss that place; beyond being a place to get my fight club on, and to clobber some racists,  I miss the bragging about when life is good. 

Ok.  I have that off my chest now.  Back to business as usual.


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