Friday, September 07, 2012

For Fuck's Sake. Rag Trade Edition!

That elderly blogger lady thinks she has an eye for fashion.

So she posts this story about  this shit thing that is supposed to be the closest thing to a male dress that is not a dress.  I hit the link.  And as a grandson of a Garment District  showroom seamstress, and a tailor,  and someone who at least did some work in the district myself I say fuck.  That shit was a dress.

Price was $890.00.  I could buy a whole fucking new wardrobe  in Gotham with that.  Never mind going out to the Syms warehouse  I once worked at, in Seacacus.  There I could buy 2 suits, a dinner jacket, if not a tux, and six shirts.  And still have enough left over to go to Lord and Taylor for four new ties, and have enough left over then, to pay for a cheap Gotham date.  And that means  blowing  a couple hundred on entertainment and dinner.  (FYI  good tix to the theatre, ballet, or opera will  set you back a couple hundred  at least.)  Shit.  I can save on the suits  by either going to Feline's,  down there on 14th street, or TJ Maxx, or any one of several disco men's suiting shops.  Leave myself money for more shirts, casual shoes, or better entertainment.

What the fuck ever.

Oddly enough  I started some temp gig today in Gotham  and had to dress  "corporate" for day one.  It's  a sometimes  tradition for term legal gigs.  I usually don't mind.  But even if Summer is over we have been having  harsh humidity in Gotham.  So I did not want to "suit up." But when I went out for my lunch break  and took a stroll up 6th Ave  I was feeling the Barney Vibe.  Suiting up feels good!


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