Friday, September 21, 2012

Evil GOP

I stopped  watching and listening to vid about 3/4 in to post. I so LOVE LOVE  Chris Matthews for the point he makes about how people work hard and do not get rich.  And how if you drive around D.C. at 6:30 in the am you see people lining up at the bus stops.  Not to collect a welfare check but to go to work.
The GOP has become inhumane and evil.  And it must die.  Hopefully this election day it will die of it's own evil black heart.  And if that should come to past the whole planet will rejoice.  Picking on the people who do most of the working, and sweating, and toiling, and bleeding and dying in America?  If you actually believe that shit, you would have to be a fucking Nazi to be any more heartless.

Bill Maher/Chris Matthews on the Plutocrat Ticket/Ideology.

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