Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beyond Tone Deaf On Race.

Elderly law prof blogger Ann Althouse is at it again.  This time essentially arguing that if someone engages in racist behaviour, but the target of the racist attack is not (believed) a member of the naturally and logically  "offended" group, it's not racism.

Ordinarily, racist shit is patently offensive shit.  Doing racist shit to make the warped point that you do not think the person targeted for offense and attack is part of the group (believed) who has a right (so you argue) to be offended?  That's some majorly stupid shit.

But I am not going to go off on her.  Go here   for a story elsewhere, about this incredibly  stupid shit. 

For anyone else, this would be a new low.  For Althouse, it's just a new medium. 

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