Wednesday, August 08, 2012

They Actually Believe That Shit!

Premise, and rhetorical question.  No one in their right mind would go to a doctor, who's stock answer to any illness or injury was,"KILL THE PATIENT."  So how can it be rational to vote for candidates who's stock answer to nearly every political issue is,"KILL THE GOVERNMENT?"

Election 2012 is almost upon us.  So make no misstate, moderates, independents, swing voters. The GOP wants to screw  you badly, and painfully, and no matter how big a hypocrite each one of them are  (cause they will always  bend their own rules for their own selves, and best buddies) they will swear to their vengeful god that they are doing moral good, as the deny folk food, medicine, shelter.  Dignity.  These monsters want to tear down everything good done by government in the past 100 years. Social Security. Medicare. Welfare. All of that. When they say insane shit like being on government assistance is like slavery, they actually believe that insane shit. Because they are insane!



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