Friday, August 24, 2012

Team Romney is now The Birther Team.

First things first. I am at the same time disheartend and pleased that Romney has gone birther, as that makes the charge of racist, just that much more obvious. But this is where we are. And the convention is yet to come. Anyway . . ...
. .

If the Fat Man is correct, the GOP will, by the end of this campaign, merit creation of a whole new deeper level of Hell just for them. Well them, fascists, and other sworn enemies of humanity. 20th Century had to have been a growth time for Hell. They can't take in millions more in a mere few decades, with out expanding. But the GOP alone is going to be adding millions to the ranks based on the election season alone. ( I really don't believe in Hell. This is an extended metaphor!)

But still. Team Romney is now The Birther Team. Thoroughly deststable.

Romney has gone birther and the shit for brains ranks will likely follow. I'm betting the pundits, pols and minions at Fox Not News are in. Or will be. Shortly. And I mean them who were not in to begin with.

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Blogger SabrinaBee said...

Great piece! Just saw, over at WARN that you had a blog, Thought I'd visit.

11:05 PM  

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