Friday, August 31, 2012

Post RNC Thoughts (even if I avoided actually watching in real time.)

Mitt Romney's campaign pivot. A noun, a verb, and Jobs Jobs Jobs! (No real plan there, though. Just trust him. Just like you were supposed to just trust Nixon's Secret Plan to end the Vietnam War.)

I might as well do my at least summarized deconstruction of the campaign. 
(1) Trickle down theory does not work. Any economic plan based on tax cuts is a lie on a par with the biggest three lies of all time -- the check is in the mail, I'll respect you in the morning, and I won't cum in your mouth . . . this time. Swear!

(2) Dems generally and P. Obama specifically do not want to punish success. Taxes in America are at 100 (or so) year lows. Remember that. We not only got to where we are despite tax cuts and low rates. To a great extent we are where we are because of that. Anyone promising to fix the economy with lower taxes is a liar on the order of . . .  see the previous entry.

(3) A political party/movement that is fundamentally antagonistic to the idea of a robust Federal Government is every bit as disaster-enabling a plan as appointing the local wolf to be Shepard of the Flock. There is a total disconnect between ideology and goals (wolf = kill sheep) and function of Shepard (protect sheep from being killed.)

 (4) To a carpenter, every problem looks like a nail, and should be dealt with by hitting with a hammer. Likewise, if someone is ideologically fixed on the idea that government is too big and need to be smaller, don't trust them when they say the solution to the current problem is shrink the size of government. There is a name for that: "One Trick Pony." That's the kind name. The more harsh but accurate name would be ideologue. Said either way, those kind if people should not be allowed to work in the government. Again, wolf and sheep.

 (5) privatization is a power and money grab for the plutocrats. The Ryan entitlement reform plan is more about transferring government (meaning The People's) money from the government to private hands. Pigs at the trough. Don't believe the hype. That is what that is about. Not reform, but the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of history.

 (6) Plutocracy is evil. The last time we as a nation were so close that brutal and unfair a system was the post Civil War era, where the rich literally got away with murder, and they murdered the rest of us with the casual indifference of children playing with toys. Think I exaggerate? Google about how many people died in the mines and in the factories, and making buildings, and digging tunnels, and building bridges,  and rail roads before the workplace and general safety reform movements kicked in and started getting results. Yes. They the plutocrats consider them the good old days. For most folk, they were the days when life was brutish, nasty, and short.

 I'll stop there.



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