Friday, August 31, 2012

Memo To the Enemies of Anti Racism. Ann Althouse, Rush Limbaugh. All Them Bad Right Wing Leaning People.

Ok.  So I was replying to a sarcastic joke somewhere (Facebook.)  And the joke was riffing off the theme of fake race card playing, as practiced, mostly, by wing nuts, and like minded people.  You know who I mean;  the defenders of the poor oppressed white people who are too fucking stupid to not get it, that every time someone mentions  their whiteness  is not racism.  Racism is about dehumanizing people.  Not merely describing them.

And I came up with  a nice little reply to the joke:

  Some words and phrases are mostly just what they obviously mean. Some have powerful secondary meanings. Some have insult value way beyond the literal or ever metaphorical. But "elderly white guy" does have a secondary meaning: "The Ruling Class." Less of an insult, that, than an indictment. (My metaphor.)
It should not be a surprise that someone like a Rush Limbaugh, who makes his career  not only communicating, but communicating ripe, foul, fetid  bullshit should ignore the meanings of words. He's not trying to disseminate truth.  He's selling ideology.   As well, there is no surprise such a person, such a professional bullshitter,   will ignore the dimensions  of words;  how they are used. 

But in the case of  race matters, the Rush Limbaugh's of the world  are racists, and they do have an agenda.  And then  there are others, like Ann Althouse  --  them who's crime mostly is that they are totally without a clue, regarding matters of race.  Both are dangerous to society.  Well, by that I mean both kinds of people are very dangerous to a Nation where racial issues still, to a great level,  control real world distribution of wealth and power in this country, and how fully some citizens  get to enjoy their human and American rights.

Just saying.  Shit like that must be pointed out, and mocked for the ignorance it is, as done by and in they way of the Althouse types.    Beyond that, it should be harshly criticized as evil, as when done by the Limbaugh types, when done deliberately for a desired  racist  (or racist friendly) effect. 

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