Thursday, August 30, 2012

Limbaugh Redefines Racism in an Astounding Way.

But he is not the first, really.  But this is the most notable incident of it being justified.  In any event, fuck Rush Limbaugh and any one else who buys this line of shit.

"Rush Limbaugh Trashes MSNBC: ‘You Know What We Call People Obsessed With Race? Racists’."

Now I have been arguing that this was where the GOP racists were going.  I have argued it against people employing the tactic.  I have raged against it here.  And he is not alone is selling this  stinky racist itself line of thinking  --  if you point out my racism, your are the racist.  A certain elderly Law Professor Blogger  was singing the same ignorant shit-song regarding specifically  regarding the infamous  Romney birther joke.  I broke my almost sorta pledged to stop mentioning Althouse, but that ignorant shit was like waving a red cape in front of me.

But now Rush goes on a rant.  Here it comes.  The signal has been sent.  From here on out until election day  (and if Obama wins, there after for the next four years) we are going to have motherfuckers like Limbaugh going more on the attack with patently, obviously racist shit, and their stock reply will be,   if you point out my racism, your are the racist.  Except they won't admit to the racism part. 

I said it was going to get really really bad kids.  And we are way past that point.  The GOP does not care if they have to rely not only on every racist trick in the book to try to steal this election.  They might invent some new racist shit too.  At least innovate with their racism.

PS.  Since I did go and mention Althouse again, I will correct another ignorant thing she said.  Se was remaking about how some people say or imply that Romney is not human or human enough.  And in the form of a question, she implied that that kind of thinking was racist.

No, ignorant elderly lady. The correct term would be speciesist.  Well it would be, if anyone were stupid enough not to know a metaphor from a declaration or inference of fact.  As a metaphor it's about as common as dirt, as far as being something wide spread across the planet for eons, goes.

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