Monday, August 06, 2012

Kill a Sacred Cow Day, is Everyday. But Today's Treat? Free Speeh Hypocrites.

Firstly, this vid  is on the longer side. You need at least 1/2 hour to kill to get through it in one shot, but it is interesting. This guy, Jonathan Haidt, is very smart and has some interesting insight. Comes the big but . . .
But if he was at all trying to get me to understand, and therefore recognize the humanity in conservatives, he managed the opposite. Well, it's not like I haven't paid attention to the sanctity/degradation angle before. And in short, the things they sanctify (all their stupid bullshit,) and the things they degrade, pretty much convince me their world view is an abomination, and anti human.

Granted, apparently lot of Americans are down with that Old Testament -fueled, bigotry and meanness-enabling, hateful shit.

And that is what I despise about conservatism. Wait. Meanness disguised as religion, or sanctity, is nothing new. It's one of the things I most despise about our species.

There.  I have had my say, but.

Hey.  All you peeps who thought you were sticking up for Free Speech, buying and eating those bigot-funding, phony tasty (as nothing say phony tasty like adding heaps of MSG) chick sandwiches. Hey! Where the fuck were you when they were protesting the building of that Mosque in NYC near the WTC site?

Didja stand up for Free Speech then?

How about when ever and where ever else peeps were protesting the construction of any other Mosques?

Have you ever gone over to Al Jazeera on line just to support them against all the bigoted shit that has been thrown their way? Well? Hell, they have won more awards for journalism the Fox has.
 How about cut a tiny check for CAIR or some other Pro Muslim/Arab group? Ya never have? I am Shocked, shocked!
And how about the other side of the story. Do you routinely buy stuff from KKK supporters to promote their Free Speech rights? How about Neo Nazis? Anti Semites? I am not saying you should, but a GENUINE free speecher would have to.

Just saying.

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