Sunday, August 26, 2012

I Might Have Posted This Before.

Well I was reading some of the comments on a certain older lady law professor's blog.  I was slimed by the near uniform misogyny found in her minion's  putrid remarks.  Including the sickening remarks by her husband.
But I am not supposed to dwell on that shit.  I broke prohibition  the other day.  But racist shit is my red cape.  It's my trigger. It brings out the angry black man in me.  Misogyny, comes in very close.  But I will forbear and just say.  Republicans suck shit.  And seem to not only enjoy it, but take pride in it.  Either that or they are plain insane. 
So the shorter version of the book the cover is the graphix, here:  don't suck shit.  Don't be a wingnut.  Don't be a GOPer.  Don't be a conservative  (don't be a right wing libertarian either.  They are a similar but minorly distinctive form of dick.)

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