Friday, August 10, 2012

An Inherently Evil Institution . . . Like the Nazis.

Nazi's and (way the hell too many for comfort) American Right Wingers share a particularly toxic trait. They (a) believe in the idea of "inherent superiority," and (b) that they are the anointed ones. Liberals believe in acting better, as in treating other people better, taking better care of other people, not that they are inherently better because of . . what ever insane, delusional reason.
And that is not only one of the most important reasons I am a liberal. But it is one of the biggest reasons why I get so angry at right wingers. I don't hate that they are religious. In the abstract I don't really care. However?
 I despise any religious person that engages in that sick, twisted, toxic delusion that they are inherently better, more "moral" inherently better people, because of their religious beliefs. And with the merger of the Christianists and the GOP, what we have is an inherently evil institution that is sure of it's superiority (disturbingly ironically based on an evil delusion.)
Just like the Nazis.
The fundamental flaw of the Nazis was their evil, delusional belief in their superiority. Not that they ended up mass murderers. They did evil things because their beliefs were evil to begin with. People who believe in their inherent superiority are prone to doing evil because at core, they already are evil. The rest of it is just a matter of how high the body count goes, before they are stopped.



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