Saturday, August 25, 2012

Althouse Had to Go and Say Something That Ignorant!

And I was doing such a good job of not using the ordinary crap she posts  as a launching point for my posts.  But she said the following  regarding Willard's  Birther Joke:

"Anyway, it's obviously not racist. In fact, it's more racist to call it racist. To see it as racist, you have to have a background belief that to think of someone as a natural-born citizen is to think of him as white. Who thinks that?! "
Go here for that ignorant shit.

To answer her question, where have you been for the past four years?  Birthers think that! 

And in calling out the racist birthers  for being that racist, one is not the racist.  One is the truth teller.  And to call out Willard for playing that sick little racist game is not itself racist either, but again, its just telling the truth.   Ever heard of Occam's Razor?  How about  the old line, looks like a duck, quacks like a duck?

We are not talking about a rational group of people, coldly examining the constitutional requirement of citizenship.  We are talking about what has to be the biggest example of sore-loseness in American Politics, that followed a campaign of intense racist vitriol, from the side that lost the election.  Before they lost!  Did I say sore loser?  Did I say racist?  Now back in the 2008 race, McCain might have avoided crossing over to the dark side  (pun intended.)  His running mate did not have to cross. She was there already.  And millions of the GOP  base, seemingly, were very comfortable with the racist shit. Remember all that?

I don't want to make this about her though.  Because, as ever, well usually, she's the symptom of a social disease that has infected America.  No I am still not going to call her racist.   That is the worse disease.  But she is representative of the social disease that for here and now I will call Bullshit Tolerant.  That means  she, as well as many other Americans, seems to have some cognitive blind spot, particularly where Occam's Razor should kick in.  And that results in taking as valid, if not true, a argument that merely qualifies as such, but is not a good one, and is clearly not the likely answer.

For example, as I saw the CBS interview where Willard attempted his lame defense,"It was just a joke."  No Willard.  It clearly was not JUST A JOKE.  It was you riffing off one of the most divisive and racist memes out there in the greater context of the Obama Presidency  --  namely  birtherism  and all the racist baggage that entails.  And specifically  it was in the context of the race between you and him for this coming election.  You being the white guy, who is running against the black guy, who has been hounded over this racist  birther shit for over four years.

Memo to both Althouse and Willard.  Context Matters!

Like I said,  the post really is not against Althouse. So much.  She is merely a symbol of the blight that actually is not only more prevalent with the wing nuts, but it is all to common for them and how the communicate with each other and to the rest of world.  You can call it  Bullshit Tolerant., or alternatively, Occam's Razor - Resistant.  Either way, its a kind of ignorance that some people are born to favor, if they are born actually deficient.  Other people, like lawyers and such?  Educated people have to work at it.  The same way a man who has deep insecurities about his masculinity, or a woman, her attractiveness, has to work on that shit, daily, if not hourly.

Oh.  And special message to Willard.  I have said this before, here.  I say it again:

"If someone is willing to risk being taken for a flat out racist by pandering to racist sentiments, I will oblige them accordingly."

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