Friday, August 17, 2012

A Tale of Two Realities.

MSNBC cohost  TourĂ© made the bold move in not only calling out the Romney campaign for it's racist dog whistling, but used the controversal and scandalous term "niggerization." 

Go here.

The Main Stream Media could not care any less. They do not seem to want to really go there, against  Team Romney on race, or even report on it. But the wing nuts went apeshit over this.

I am not even going to link it, but you can go over to Breitbart or the Daily Caller  yourself and see for your self.  Now is this any thing particularly important?  Not yet.  But if the issue of whether or not Romney has been running a racist campaign finally gets picked up by the MSM, then it will get interesting.  For now its  just the usual tit for tat.  Liberal call out conservative for being a racist.  Conservatives go btshit.

Oh/  Speaking of going batshit the head of that conservative lobby group that had a minor shooting incident over the past couple days?  Well he doesn't think that people want to take shots at the FRC on account of it's hateful policies.  NOOOOOO!  It's only because  the SPLC  called them out as being a hate group.

It's the same level of idiocy as with the playing of the race card, card.  It is never the fault of the conservatives, what they think, say and do.  It's the people who call them out on the shit they do, that are at fault, according to them.

I wish we could just ban the GOP and be done with it!

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