Thursday, July 19, 2012

You Didn't Build That, Bullshit.

I was reading on some blogger's site  (silly person Ann Althouse) where she set up a false comparison between this  (so called by some) gaffe, and Romney's "Corporations are people too."  I think she messed up there, but there is something of note.  That is, taking P. Obama  for the meaning intended in the context of of his remarks, and Romney for his, we have two starkly different views of the nation and priorities and values. 

P. Obama is promoting the idea and ideal I already have said is the core message of the John Donne Poem,"No Man is an Island."  Romney is promoting corporatist oligarchy.  Choose what matters to you in the voting booth this year.   I'm on the side of real flesh and blood people.  Not bundles of property rights attached to a government charter that allows for joint enterprise in order to secure profits for shareholders.  The former is what our nation is, what is always was supposed to be about.  The latter is just the ugly cost and reality of "doing business."

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