Tuesday, July 03, 2012

This Counts as an ACA SCOTUS Ruling Post.

Not that this is not true 24/7/365, cause it is.  But the dipshit, asshole cons are still shitting in their panties over the "disloyalty"  of Roberts, in not giving them what they want.

I'm going to do that thing I do badly  (according to some.) I am going to go ghetto here.

Now bitches.  Just because he's a corporate skank a slore doesn't mean he's your bitch on every issue.  Bitches.

Ok.  Enough of that.  But I will restate what  I said about Roberts.  I still want his ass off the court.  I want all the wingers,  corporate only or across the board ones, off the court.

BTW.  Happy 4th of July all.  I can not encourage you to blow shit up, unless you are in a state where it's legal.  But I can suggest you all be safe when you blow shit up.

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