Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Silly Person Won't Shut Up

about the topic she knows fucking nothing about;  race.  Yes, Althouse is doubling down.  This time she is pimping some WSJ race bait op ed  that happens to mention her own tone deaf rant about Matt Taibbi's piece about Mitten's post NAACP speech race bait.  Go here for that stupid shit.

But I will elaborate.  The WSJ opinionator's  false assumption is:

"What Taibbi is really calling for is more political correctness. He wants conservatives to conceal their views for fear of being seen as racist--to act as if they are guilty. But that would reinforce, not reduce, racial tension. If white conservatives in the presence of black people act as if their worldview is a shameful secret, of course black people will think conservatism is racist. Which, of course, would suit lefties like Taibbi just fine."
Direct Link, WSJ.

And Althouse  (typo  or deliberate) forgot the quotes, so it looks at least like she is 100% agreeing with that load of bullshit.  I say load of bullshit even if I am not in a position to speak for Taibbi.  But as a liberal anti-racist, I am well positioned to shoot that shit down.

No, Mr. Taranto, and as well, Ms. Althouse.  The conclusion you draw/endorse is itself a double down on the race baiting.  You are making the issue one of trying to censor, to intimidate conservatives  in some warped and imagined desire to increase racial tension.  Actually you got it backwards, sorta.  When folk like me give folk like you tons and tons of shit for the racist shit you say and think it is because  . . . .

follow me . . .

mind warping  idea to follow . . .

hold on to your socks . . .

it is because we actually really want you all to stop thinking racist shit, and saying racist shit, and behaving in a way that belies  racist motivation. 

We fight racism because we want to destroy it.

One of my favorite sayings of late.  Sometimes shit is that simple.

Makes me wonder what kind of warped, frustrated mind could run right past the obvious and come up with something so warped it's the stuff of conspiracy theories.

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