Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Revisiting an Old Theme. GOP Sociopathy.

The song remains the same.  Over the past week we have had that gomer  Re. West equate  Social Security with slavery.  There's some state level gomer who wants  single parenthood  legally criminalized as child abuse.  New polling data shows GOPers actually dislike P. Obama  more than the Health Care Reform  Act.  Romney is a robot.  The GOP Congress is going to waste time and money once again  voting to overturn the ACA.  Various gomer  GOP Govs are promising not to expand Medicare.  And just to make sure she stands out of the crowd, Az's Jan Brewer is suing to get the requirement to provide benefits to same sex marrieds  overturned.

And the GOP would say we are picking on them for calling them sociopaths.

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