Sunday, July 08, 2012

Let's Try This One Again.

I tried posting this card last week or earlier.  Ended up getting  too autobiographical in my commentary.  So I deleted what I had said, before posting.  But as I am again in one of my 'Fucking Republicans!  They are worse than the Taliban because there are here and we can't seem to get rid if them,"  moods,  I am posting  this.  Now.  Finally.

My silly fantasy is that I get the Genie  granting me  three wishes.  Or even one wish.  No, I am not wishing that miraculously  all persons  affected with the mental disorder known as conservatism are instantly cured.  Or some such.  That would be a waste of a wish.  and with out being specific, we might end up with a huge Nazi  or New Confederacy party.  And I can not wish for them to all vote democrat, as in a generation, the Dems would likely become, for lack of a better word, spoiled as a party.  So what to do?  Wish for the full range of possible psychic powers, and use mind control to make individual GOP candidates, politicians,  and hacks like that character in "Liar Liar."  Make them incapable of telling a lie and/or bullshitting. 

Lord knows, it's not even the out and out lies that perpetuates the fiction that the GOP is anything but a party of grifters  and scum.  It's the sheer and utter disregard for the idea of the truth   that is the core of the GOP.  It's the easy, practiced reliance on bullshit that fuels the GOP machine.  And I would like to kill that feature.  I would like few things more than  have Hannity incapable of  deliberately twisting a not-even-half-truth.  I would love to see Coulter at a total loss for words.  I would love to see the racist shit bags at the Daily Caller, Breitbart, and World News Daily admit, well there is absolutely no reasonable basis for being a birther, or thinking P. Obama  is a secret Muslim.  How radically would that change the political landscape?  Any reporter asks  any GOP pol about the Ryan budget, and they have to admit;  It's a hack piece of shit and will hurt most of the people in the country.  Shit like that.  Wouldn't you rather live in that world than this one, where GOP bullshit goes unopposed far too much of the time, and dishonest GOP pols, particularly, get away with a total disregard for the idea and reality of the truth?

Well that's what I want.  Too bad I need magic to make that happen.

Anyway . . . .


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