Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Firstly, What Makes Me Proud to be an American.

Ok.  So I started off looking at some clips of that almost comic movie by Mel Gibson, "The Patriot."  Then I moved over to clips from "Gettysburg."  Particularly the long and full version of the 'Pickett's Charge," sequence.  Few things make me as proud to be an American as seeing the Union Federal Line hold, and chew up and spit out that Scessh  Treasonous, Traitorous  trash!

One of the best visual moments in the sequence is Pickett, far away from the action, looking at the battle through his field glasses.  And one moment you see a cluster of both American flags and treasonous traitor flags flying.  Then in an instant, the traitor flags fall out of sight and all you see is the Star Spangled Banner.  Yeaaah!  Good stuff! 

Shifting gears, I went to take a look at Ms. Althouse's site, and among her daily ditsies  was a post about some new, safer motorcycle design.  She did not post the pic of the new design, but she did post a link.  Now the pic she did post, was of one of the ugliest hogs I have ever fucking seen.  And I am a style snob. Hogs are ugly assed right off the factory floor.  Never mind the custom, redneck, Praad ta be 'Merican paint job.  Go here for that ugly assed shit.

I quote her:   "Isn't there a soul to the thing? A soul that has something to do with exposure — danger... freedom.... Ah! Here's the picture I'm looking for."

I won't post the pic, but I will comment.  If that picture represents the soul of a motorcycle, that soul is fat, delusional, tacky, uncool, unfashionable, and has the sense of style of a particularly stunted nine year old.

I likely will never own another motorcycle.  But if I ever do, I will be riding rice, or riding a stylin'  Euro Bike.  (Like the sweet  speed rocket pictured above.  Smokin'!) 

Fuck hogs.  If that's your "taste," what ever, you.  Personally,  I would never want to be caught dead on a hog, or thrown from one a after crash.  No more than I would want to be caught dead in a velvet leisure suit.

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