Monday, July 02, 2012

The difference between Democrats and Republicans.

The Democrat: "Hey. You don't have health insurance. Let's get you some."

The Republican: "Hey. You don't have health insurance. Despite evidence to the contrary, we say the USA has the best Health Care in the world (*cough* if you are stinking rich and can pay cash *cough*.) Ideally and theoretically you should have the best you can. You don't want bad insurance. You don't want socialized medicine. And even if historically the market place and market factors have driven the cost through the roof and into outer space, the last thing you want is a government solution. Despite the fact the only thing that actually could drive average personal and cross market prices/costs down is the heavy hand of government, smacking down private sector greed and inefficiencies. 

Oh. And we don't want the taxpayers to have to pay any more for your health care (even if they do, in the most inefficient and costly way now, truth be told. Either in increased local, state, fed taxes, or "costs" passed on to the other, paying consumers of health insurance and care.)"

"So you don't get any health insurance. You're welcome."

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