Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ann Althouse Still Tone Deaf

to the Wing Nut racist Race Baiting Dog Whistle, employed by Romney, this past week.

Picking on the messenger, yet again, she goes off on Matt Taibbi, instead of listening  (make that reading with an unbiased mind) to him.  It is not a great intellectual leap to conclude that Romney's  "free stuff" follow up to his NAACP  convention reception  (actually more nice than any GOPer deserves, if you ask me,) was race baiting at it's worse.

But I already went off on Romney for that racist shit.  So I am not likely objective enough for some people.  I AM an EXPERT on shit like that, though.  If I have any flaw, it is not cutting any slack.  Based on my expertise.

Anyway, Ms. Althouse. For the love of what ever the fuck you love, STOP  STOP talking about race.

When ever you do, your comment section ends up like some racist circle jerk, perhaps not as violently vicious as Storm front, but at least as bad as VDARE.

You encourage white racists.  And apparently are ok with that.  That is the impression you leave on the casual observer.  Just saying.

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