Saturday, June 09, 2012

Why Do Racist (or Otherwise Wicked) GOPers Double Down on the Stupid?

Well they do get away with it a lot.  I recon.  But the numb nuts in mind, the one I call professor Racist Dick Face, mentioned yesterday, is doubling down on his attack on the Georgie Killer Zimmerman prosecutor.  Again.  The unstated as such argument was originally that she was thin skinned.  This time, though, the accusation is about her habit (if you will) of  calling statements against herself that she considered to be libelous, libelous.  And that somehow in calling  statements against herself that she considered to be libelous, libelous, Professor Racist Dickface asserts, she has done something that could merit "investigation."  As if it were professional misconduct.

So it seems  that Professor Racist Dickface is being libelous himself, it could be argued.  (And before anyone calls me a hypocrite for calling him a racist dickface, check out the buttom of my main page.  I have the disclaimer there, plain and obviously  --  JMO, people!)

Oh.  Speaking of stupidly doubling down, there another recent example on that blog.  Yesterday they posted some stupid shit about how one of the other bloggers of that page got dissed and outed as a hack at Netroots.  The hack blogger was harassing  Elizabeth Warren over the non story about her being mistaken over having Cherokee  blood.  (BFD. As if she's the first person to be fed a load of shit about the family history.  I mean  fucking please!)

Anyway, they added some follow up.  and I will link because the punch line here is nearly hilarious.

The bullshit part is here,     where she pretends to be some oppressed journalist.

But her bio on the blog shows how much of a high level political hack she really is.

About: Anne Sorock

Anne Sorock is a marketing researcher and co-founder of The Frontier Lab, a nonprofit organization that conducts cutting-edge research in the civic, consumer, and political spaces. She pioneered the “deep values” approach to in-depth insights cultivation and market segmentation within this space and is an expert in investigating the emotional and values-based connections individuals hold regarding political ideas, movements, and candidates. Anne's career has spanned consumer packaged goods marketing to book editing and working on Capitol Hill. Anne holds a bachelor’s degree in history from the Johns Hopkins University and a M.B.A. from Cornell University. Follow her on twitter at @annesorock

Personally, I would not be surprised if she was on some one's payroll that day, for that trip.

I can't see such a pro partisan hack going anywhere like that just for the bullshit (and set up, mind you as such) moment.

Republicans make me sick, so often.  This sort of bullshit is particularly sickening.  If you don't have press creds, stop behaving as if you do.  And furthermore, stop being so fucking dishonest.  Stop blurring the line between journalism and partisan hackery. I am sure that these fuckers who pull this shit can live with themselves.  But as a society we should not have to put up with that kind of shit, anymore.

Ok.  That's how I am starting my Saturday.  Bitching and moaning against the wicked Wing Nuts.

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