Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's The Opposite of "I'm Not a Racist, but . . . "

Structurally speaking?  The "I'm Not a Racist," construct starts with a bullshit disclaimer and then what follows is the exact kind of behaviour allegedly disclaimed.  Professor  Racist Dickface  (JMO) flips that on it's ass, defending  Killer Zimmerman's lying assed wife, for lying during the bod hearing for her killer husband.   Here, Prof.  Racist Dickface gives Mrs. Zimmerman a full defense  (argument.)  Then disclaims it by saying he is not condoning the behavior.  Go here for the   Mealy Mouthed Sack of Bullshit.

Then he says:
"I  am questioning the bringing of a felony perjury charge without greater specificity of the false statements, particularly while the alleged perjurer’s husband is awaiting trial in a highly publicized case."

Um.  Dickface.  Here's the thing.  Don't fucking kill anyone.  First and   foremost.  Second.  Don't shoot some unarmed kid.  That's gets you the publicity.  Third.  Don't bullshit the court during the bond hearing.  If you are the wife, don't bullshit.  If you are the defendant husband, tell your lawyer,"Um.  What she is saying is not exactly true."  And thirdly if you are the lawyer, and you know better than the testimony, you should be quickly disbarred. 

Any questions?

Lastly, if the unbiased analysis I read somewhere else is accurate, both these shit excuses for human beings might get hung up on federal charges do to structuring transactions to come in under the federal reporting requirement.  It's looking more and more like jail is the inevitable outcome here.  Ironically it might end up as his and her prison terms.  Ye Haw!

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