Sunday, June 24, 2012

Way to Miss the Point, Althouse!

Naturally, she did not follow my counsel. Even if she were aware of it (and that's a remote maybe. Even if her husband hasn't trolled me in a long time.) But getting to the matter, Althouse is talking about race again. This time, it's about a story about how the demographics have to break for Teams Obama and Romney in the election for a win, by race of voters. She says, regarding the story and how the story that is obviously about breaking the future election down along racial lines, talks about breaking things down along racial lines:

"The "white margin to watch"... is that the way we talk now? I find that pretty unpleasant . . ."

Go here for that shit.

No Ann. It is not the way we talk about the reality of race and politics in America, in 2012, that's unpleasant. It's the reality of race and racism in America, in 2012, that is unpleasant.

Wake the hell up!

Now that might not be as offensive, to me, in the sense that I find stupid thinking offensive, as some other whoppers  regarding race.  But it does merit my Racism  2.0 tag.  Follow me.  There's this idiotic mindset, mostly on  the right, that in some way shape or form, identifying race issues  and talking about them is in some warped way, racism.  I don't believe Althouse thinks that way.  And yes as a side bar, I should say that yes her words regarding the late Derrick Bell  were commendable.  She did not get on the racist wing nut band wagon that promoted the slur that a black scholar who wrote about race, was therefore racist, by saying racism still exists in America, and is going to be around for a long, long time.   

But there's some related  idea here, I think.  I think there really is a discomfort level with/in a lot of white Americans, about the reality of the persistence of racism and race related bias and bigotry  that's mainly (as in most of it)  of and about white folk mistreating  and mistrusting not-white folk.  The reality of life on the ground  for not-white folk is something they usually don't have to see or deal with.  And for some, merely seeing or thinking about the projections of how much of the white vote either POTUS candidate needs in the next election to win, must trigger some cognitive dissonance.  Seems, so, in those who have enough smarts and inner morality to be bothered about how far apart their view of how things should be  (none of that shit should matter,)  is from how things really are  (you bet your ass they matter,)  it seems.  Leastwise.

So oddly enough I got to sorta say, at least how she seems to deal with it still tells me she is not a racist.  The racists would  deny that shit actually matters  (there's no racism in the USA  'cept by them not-white folk!)  And/or after that they would accuse whoever wrote the article as being some kind of racist, for the crime of insinuating that white on black racism could have an effect on the election.

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