Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quoting Uncle Thomas on any Matter, is Not Recommended, But on Affirmative Action?

If there is the slightest truth in the assertion that (some) liberals are possibly being a tiny bit patronizing with their social programs  that might benefit minorities, then concern trolling over the possibility that Affirmative Action cheapens  a person or their degree?  That's flat out contemptuousness.

Again.  I think Ms. Althouse is honestly befuddled.  Granted, one must be to take Uncle Thomas's word for how worthless his Yale Law Degree was  (as my Jewish ancestors would say, oy vey!)  But Althouse seems to be one of those  . . .  how to describe such a critter?  She's one of those people who seems to totally miss the truth.  And the truth is, most people do not think people who make arguments are playing devil's advocate, or otherwise  engaging in some grand intellectual debate about petty and common things.  Most people will take people for advocating the ideas that come out of their mouths, and or are published by them in what ever media so fixed.

Do I really know what she thinks about AA  here?  Fuck if I know, really.  And the only reason I am not associating her with the stupid shit she's saying is, I know her pattern, and she gets off on argument the way any hobbyist usually gets off on their hobbies.  But she does advance that sort of concern toll argument that I find nauseating, regarding AA.  If she's merely quoting Uncle Thomas, or not?    I find that sort of argument . . . indefensible and saying so at the time so quoted, would be a good idea.  If one did not want to be associated with such a repugnant thought, idea, argument.

I'm using the Racism 2.0 tag here.   Because that anti AA argument is decades old, but it is one of the founding pillars of non proud-to-be-a-bigot racist thought.

Helping people is actually hurting them.

A cradle to grave system of assistance  is like being kept down on the plantation.  Because  being given good nutrition in school, being given a scholarship to go to college, getting a job down at the local Social Security  (what ever) office is the very same kind of harmful treatment as being a slave who's every day could be the one where they are beaten to death, raped to death, or just plain worked to death.

Ya.  That shit's the same!

What kind of stupid ass would fall for that shit?

For the record, I am not saying Althouse buys that particular  and particularly racist right wing argument.  But as often is the case, I have no fucking idea what she actually thinks.

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