Friday, June 22, 2012

Please Ann Althouse. Shut The Fuck Up About Race.

Althouse is one of those really, really weird white Americans. Any and every time she brings up a topic related to race and racism, she totally fucks it up.  But that's not the weird part.  Too many Americans  might as well be trying to speak Attic Greek, as try to effectively communicate an understanding of race issues in America.  That's the fucking norm for at least a 1/3 of Americans, I'd say, off the top of my head.  Maybe more.  But the oddity is she can be so consistently goat fucking wrong about race, and yet I don't think she herself is racist.  I think she's clueless, not racist  (unlike a couple of the other law profs on her blog roll, who have convinced me they are indeed, beyond any doubt, racists.)

Althouse is, to use the phrase, "Tone Deaf."  Usually, someone has to be born and raised in some homogeneous society and country to be that tone deaf.  It is rare for anyone who grew up in the Mid Lantic region to be so clueless.  Anyway, long set up.  Let's get to the story.

Today she posted something about some campaign about the reality of white privilege, and embedded the video, where white people  talk about their white privilege.  And how it is not fair.

Here's her comment and evidence of cluelessness:

Feel free to discuss, in addition to the relative effectiveness of the 2 videos, whether it's good for American society to push white people to become conscious of the way their race gives them privileges. (Obviously, for one thing, you can't deliver that message solely to white people. If the message goes out, it is also received by nonwhite people, who must hear that they are continually at a disadvantage.)

Don't Just Read The Blog Post. Take a Look at the Comments.

She actually asks the question whether it is a good thing . . . ." to push white people to become conscious of the way their race gives them privileges?"  As opposed to fucking what other alternative?  Keeping shit as is?  What the fuck!!! ( And trust me  Ms. Althouse.  Those of us who did not grow up white while growing up in America do not need some video to tell us  this American Society was not made for us.  We learn that shit way before puberty.  Years before, actually.)

But go take a look at the comments.  Even if I would not call Althouse a racist.  I really think she is not. But she is Queen Bee of a nasty hive of goat fucking racist trash.  The company she keeps there on her blog is the redneck racist shit of the land.  Make that of the American Virtual Redneck Nation.  Boggles my mind, why she doesn't delete the incendiary racist shit her racist drones post.  I mean I get it, in theory, her warped views of free speech.  But I would not let anyone slap up a Confederate Battle Jack on my house.  I refuse to be associated with certain kinds of trash, if you get my drift.

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