Friday, June 08, 2012

Jacobson At It Again. Famously and Stupidly.

Brave or stupid, Professor Racist Dickface,

to call out the thin skinned prosecutor for being thin skinned.

Ok.  You got such a hard on for Georgie Killer  Zimmerman.  So we know not to treat you like an objective commenter.  You are sucking his cock by choice.

But I got to hand it to you.  Taking shots at the prosecutor, even if sourced, is pretty shitty.  Even for a shit squirt like you.

Um.  You 'sposed to be a lawyer?  You ever do crim work?  It's been years since I have.  And I am not going to say  ALL PROSECUTORS ARE ASSHOLES, BUT . . . .

Ya see where I am going with that line of argument.  I don't know dick about the woman.  She's a prosecutor.  Not my kinda people.  I'd rather not sit next to her at the banquet.  But if she was with the FTC or the SEC or the Civil Rights or Civil Division of the DOJ?  Ya.  I'd wanna  sit next to her at the banquet.  Try to give her my card.  Hope for some good networking happening.



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