Friday, June 01, 2012

It's The End Of The World, And We Know It!

Ok.  That was for laughs.  On to more serious shit.  Romney admitted to sending goons to disrupt a speech by Team Obama poo bah  David Axelrod.  To re write the line from Belatrix LeStrange, He DOESN'T know how to play!

Speaking of goons, as I found out by rubbernecking Ann Althouse's house of racist mean crazies  (I mean her fan bois.)  Some fucktard acted like an asshole at some event for the Dem challenger in the WI  Governor  Recall fight.  Now the story's  all about HIMMMMMMM!  And the cops for arresting him.  Shit is fucked up and bullshit.

Speaking of such bullshit, bail has been revoked for Zimmerman, killer of Travon Martin.  No, it's not bullshit that his pass has been revoked. It is bullshit that he told the court that is cause for that.  He had more wing nut racist money in the pot from his web collection  site than reported.  And he has a 2nd passport he did not surrender.

Fuck him.  Well . . .  he's going to county, so that might happen.

Other than that.  What?  Ya.  Keeping in mind that after a certain point  (IIRC) I might have stopped talking about a certain shit-headed  shit who's allegedly a businessman who is also a reality TV  fixture  (I refuse to say star.)   I will try to at least keep from mentioning his name here.  But he represents  a troubling aspect to the Romney effort.  Granted, money had something to do with it.  But one of the main reasons  he's the presumptive GOP nominee, I believe, is that next to all them clowns, he looked good.  Being all stiff, and boring and  likely was prematurely  mature.

So I don't want any of the clowns near him from now till Election Day.  It's the Unattractive Friend  Theory  in play.  You know.  That's when the normal-ish but not really hot girl gets herself an unattractive friend, so when the show up anywhere, she's always  the better looking one?

Ya,  I can see Team Mittens  playing that shit.

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