Saturday, June 16, 2012

Correction and Apology

Last night I went all batshit on Ann Althouse here, on what I thought were her thoughts regarding the shit about that Daily Caller shit head heckling P. Obama.  Turns out I don't know what the fuck she actually thinks about that, as what she had done was post what was a tongue in cheek quote from another writer.  In the context of the full piece, it was obviously  so.  But as quoted by Althouse, it looked like it could have been meant to be taken at face value.  And was her thoughts. 

So apologies for going bat shit.  But I have ragged on her for this shit before.  When one just slaps a quote and a link on their blog, and does not provide their own commentary, they run the risk of being associated with the quote.  Turns out I did try to read the article at the link, last night.  But the link did not work for me  (it might have been a browser issue.  Whatever.)  But that just proves my point.  I usually try to read the link.  I could not, last night.  Some folk don't even bother.  So I say again, not just to her, but anyone who blogs.  If the fucking story is not interesting enough for you to comment on, yourself.  Don't fucking blog about it at all. 

Who do you think you are?  Drudge?  We definitely do not need another of him.  Nor even Instapundit.  I hate his site, as well.  The layout is only slightly less ugly than Drudge.  And he also does that hit and run style of posting.  And it's sometimes hard to figure out what he thinks and what he is merely quoting. 

It's a fairly stupid way to go, actually.  Better to let people know exactly what you think.  That way one should only incur wrath for what one actually endorses.

Anyway . . .  I fell for that stupid shit, again. Mea culpa.

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