Friday, June 22, 2012

Boycott Politico. Here is Why.

The Forces of Evil Have Won -- in this incident.
I read the copy first. Then I watched the vid, as the statement seemed so objective and mild in print, I had to see if I was missing anything histrionic or what-not in the vid. There's no there either.
If we in America are at the point where pointing out the fact that a candidate for POTUS (or any office for that matter) is a . . . . to quote .Anita from "West Side Story," "One of your own kind; stick to your own kind," person is a career threatening event? Then the forces of evil have indeed won. And that evil has a name. It's racism. 
Or, as I may or not have explained my theory here yet, it's Racism 2.0. This is not your father's racism,  where there were difference between the races -- whites were better than blacks and the rest of them "others," As Was Ordained By God. This is a twisted version of it, where some folk assume there is no real racism left in America, and pointing out any glaring obvious evidence to the contrary is now racist.
Shit is fucked up and bullshit.



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