Saturday, May 26, 2012

That S.E. Cupp Hustler Mag. Sexist Attack.

Given the title, you know where I am coming down, on this fracas involving con. writer S.E. Cupp's having been ridiculed in a patently offensive sexist manner by Hustler magazine.  They did a photo shop of her "fluffing."  At one  level, she's now in the same boat of hundreds of actresses, female athletes, and other fem celebrities.  On the other level, I'm not too keen about the photoshop attack, sexist or not.  But the sexist stuff is sorta foul.

Now as far as she goes, personally, I did a sort of decision tree.  Well, ya it's a foul attack.  But she's more a pundit than legitimate actual writer, actually.  But she's known mostly for being stupid, not mean.  So I decided she did not deserve it.  I have seen at least one writer somewhere drag in the bit about how (on TV at least) she does that sex kitten thing.  But ya know?  Again, that doesn't rate the attack.  And as just comes to mind, so many times I have heard/seen these cons brag about how hot there babes are.  And I think Cupp might have been (as in agreed to be) in one of those Women of Wingnutlandia calendars.  Even so, not justification.  But of course the whining that has come up out some of the other residents of  Wingnutlandia? 

No war on women unless it's tacky sexual references to our "babes."   There's a whole,"Don't call my bitch a ho," thing working here.  But that is not really the point.  Here's the point, as I found Andrew Sullivan quoting Adam Serwer:

"Where conservatives look at the Hustler "parody" as indicative of liberal contempt for conservative women, feminists see a larger problem about how women are treated that affects everything from health insurance to how much you take home on your paycheck. To have condemned Limbaugh for his sexism in the same unconditional manner would have been a distraction, because the real problem isn't sexism, it's liberals. For feminists, sexism is the problem, period."

The Daily Dish. "Is Sexism Necessarily About Politics?"

Re the quote?  I totally agree.

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