Monday, May 07, 2012

Conservatism is a Defect in Reasoning.

I have said similar things before.  It's easy to say it's a mental disease, but that is not truly accurate.  It's not something you cure someone of.  Freedom from conservatism is more of a function of getting someone to abandon a series of irrational beliefs.  Much in the same way a rational emotive psychologist gets neurotic people to abandon their redundant, self destructive thoughts.

What got me on this thread of an idea?  Some article written by some joker who was seemingly writing on the divide between insider  (country club) Republicans, and outsider (redneck) conservatives.  He  obviously identifies with the rednecks.  No matter how much money he might make, and that he might never be caught dead either at a NASCAR race or in the bleachers  watching AAA Baseball.

Here's the article.  I will super summarize it.  Conservatives is all that is good and right about the Right Wing, and the GOP is all that is wrong with it. What a fucking idiot.  Hack.  Sub species of Partisan. 

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