Monday, May 28, 2012

But What If You Are a Bad Person?

Ann Althouse explains why she picks on "lefties" more than wing nuts, on her blog.

"So... because lefties put their arguments in starkly moralistic terms, it's tiresome to hear about the way righties overuse morality talk. I get the point. In fact, what bugs me the most about lefties — what motivates me to go after lefties much more than righties on this blog — is they way they set themselves up as the good people and prance and stomp all over the place shaming and blaming the people who won't agree with them. Having lived in Madison for the last quarter century, I am fed up with their domineering bullshit. The reason my blog appears to skew conservative — when I am a political moderate — is that I am not surrounded by pious, oveoverbearing right-wingers sneering at me and gasping about what a bad person I am."
 I guess for her it's more a matter of style than the actual argument?  If that is the case, it's pretty lame.  Well, I guess I could cut her some slack.  I really stop paying attention to people when they are sounding stupid, or being obnoxious, or being like a republican.  I know.  Redundant, that.  But seriously.  I remember seeing that episode of "South Park" about smug liberals.  Ya.  As if liberals have the market cornered on sanctimony.  As if!

And as far as her misuse of the word bullshit goes, I have noticed a pattern with her.  She calls shit she disagrees with, bullshit.  And that is a prime example of what Prof. Harry Frankfurt calls "Bullshit."

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