Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ya I Know Somebody Sorta Famous (for not getting arrested) Got Arrested.

But I am going for humor now.  I confess.  I was discussing, just a wee bit, the Zimmerman case on a message board.  I have given up for  the most part, the more witless part of that.  And that is going head to head with someone on the things they dig their heels in about.  I try to limit my remarks to either preserving reality and reason, and/or bad form. (And that alone is enough trouble.)  Lately I have been going to war (actually I think I should shelf that phrase for a spell,)  no, instead, taking folk to task for solipsisms and magical thinking.  Call it all over idiocy.  Ya.  That will do.  Taking folk to task for all around, all over idiocy.

Now I understand well enough that folk will think sloppy, and then communicate sloppy.  But it does still give me a kick how some folk, usually those who know not that deep down that they are already selling a line of bullshit at best, will go batty when their  "bad form" is exposed. 

Hey, don't expect me to clearly communicate my twisted thinking!  Fuck off, that!!



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