Sunday, April 22, 2012

When Republicans Play Dumb, Expect Race to be on The Table.

When I first heard the mini controversy surrounding the Mitt Romney slogan,"Obama's Not Working,"  I came down on the side of those who were saying, of course there's some sort of racist pandering going on there.  I mean, firstly  we are talking about a candidate who's not even officially  the nominee yet, launching a full on assault on the incumbent.  This was not just some even planned jab for a talking point.  There's banners and a website.  This is the planned out first wave attack.  So it's hard to believe that no one saw the "joke" lazy black man, not too cleverly hidden there.

In a bizzare, but not entirely unexpected move, that piece of shit, Greg Gutfield accused Mediaite writer Tommy Christopher of being the racist, for pointing out the racism in the slogan/campaign.  Here.

Pardon me for repeating myself, as I do not recall how recently I have remarked that that is part of the way they play it.  Or as Bill Maher recently said it, denying racism is the new racism.  And Gutfield's on board with that shit!

Anyway, I should not be surprised that Professor Dickface, over at his blog, is on that bandwagon too.  And here is the truly bizzare part.  Professor Dickface actually quotes someone making the denial argument, and then turns around and says  it  (the slogan) isn't about Obama's color but . . .  wait for it . . .  his ego!

Yes.  That's the obvious answer!  If you are smoking Meth, I guess.

Anyway, it's one thing to just deny seeing it.  But it takes a great and colossal ass to dig down and find an hidden meaning that even the people who came up with the shit neither thought, nor communicated.

But I guess one's POV is likely to be more than a little warped, if one is already a right wing hack who is dedicated to tearing down P. Obama.

That's no excuse.  It is, however, a description.

 And this time I will link it.  And before I let you go, it turns out I just took a little look at the comments.  Turns out the slogan is a plagarism.  It's a rewrite of Margaret Thatcher's "Labor Isn't Working."   So the real question is, was it put out there both knowingly race baiting and  knowingly stolen?  The way I posed the question show how I am leaning.  Not towards the either/or but to the all of the above, to start.

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