Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More on the Derbyshire Racist Affair.

Personally, I think he just did what a lot of them racist cons fear they will get caught doing by the wrong people some day.  And this is let loose with what they really think in their black little hearts.

But this is a good read.  How A Racist Blended In.

Meantime, Prof. Racist Dickface still has not commented at all.  Instapundit at least acknowledged the event and story.  Did not add much to it.  But that's his thing.  That he stole from Drudge, it would seem.  But I am finding Prof. Racist Dickface's silence on the matter, telling.  Many wing nuts  took the chance to proclaim how not racist they were, by contrast at least, by taking a quick shot at Derbyshire.  Not Prof. Dickface.  Not even the slightest word of disapproval.  That's fucked up. It's almost as fucked up as defending the racist.  But hey.  We will see.

Turns out the fucked up shit he's all wet and slippery over is on the one hand, the counter boycotts for those people who are no longer advertising on that racist Limbaugh's show anymore.  And the other shit is his  (as he claims)  scoop about how the Neo Nazi Group That only threatened to patrol Sanford FL  only threatened to do so.  And actually is not there actually  patrolling the town.  He seems to have missed the even more important story, that a Fox News local station identified this Neo Nazi group as a civil rights organization.  Not a peep about that from Prof. Racist Dickface.  Telling, that is.  But then again to my mind he's just another racist GOP Hack. Even if that's not his day job.



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