Thursday, April 26, 2012

Move Over Mrs. Palin. There's a New Redneck Queen, A'Comin!

Redneck Girl Gets Banned From Prom For Wearing Confederate Flag Dress.

I am tempted to write this ditzy chick off as a stupid redneck  (redundant, I know.)  But she's more than that.  She's the new poster child for stupid rednecks. 

Firstly, she was warned before hand by the teacher in charge of the prom that the dress might not be appropriate and to clear it with the principal.  But she knew better than that!  So she didn't. 
Next is thinking the Confederate Flag is cool.  What is more redneck than thinking the battle flag of an army that sought to preserve slavery is cool?  That's like saying slavery, rape, torture and murder is cool.  And to make matters worse, they  kidnapped free blacks they found when operating in Union states, and made them slaves.  How ignorant must someone be not to know none of that is cool.  You have to be redneck ignorant.  I recon. 

Next is that she just denies it's offensive, and completely disrespects those who do find it offensive, by not only wearing that hate symbol, but spewing that sick  ugly line about it being about "heritage." 


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