Friday, April 06, 2012

More (Anti) Racist Themed Vids, Here. Or Make That

Anti Racist posts, featuring vid.

I went looking to see if any, "Shit Defenders of Zimmerman Say," vids are out there, yet. And the answer to that is not yet, methinks. So I went to the back up: "I'm Not Racist, But . . ." I think the show is from OZ. Funny bit, I thought. 

Let's just say that all this  Zimmerman Defending is making me sick.  But I did go looking for some humorous way to look at the sick motherfuckers who go out of their way, saying and doing shit that sympathizes with or defends racists.  It's healthier for me  to take that approach.  Being angry at racists  and the fucked up in the head folk who defend them, will, in the end, just shorten my life.

Not as effectively as bullets, but it is not really going to do me any good to stay that agitated for that long.



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